Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Horizon Hobby specifies MAP for selected Athearn products - Model Retailer Magazine

Horizon Hobby specifies MAP for selected Athearn products - Model Retailer Magazine

I'm curious what's the justification for this kind of Business Model.  It doesn't seem to serve the modelers very well in a hobby that's already pricing many of us out of it.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

بوستر أعلاني عن سكك حديد العراق A poster as ad on Iraqi Railway Network

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Schalchia shops, Iraq, March of 2008

Schalchia shops, Iraq, March of 2008.. a great place if you were into heavy Ukrainian Lugansk Diesl Works locomotives and a Bryansk Russian TEM. A friend took these... I was back in the IZ at my desk.

ScaleTrains.com's Big Blow Turbines

Lombard Hobbies is Chicagoland's exclusive distributer for Scale Trains and Jeff the owner is saying there's only a short time left to get your reservation in for the new UP GTEL Turbine.

This is going to be a fantastic model. Don't wait.

Plano Products Roof Walks added to an Accurail Hopper - part 1

Last weekend I started adding Plano Product's Roof Walks to one of my Accurail Hoppers.  The plastic is soft and I didn't find removing the original walk much of a problem  Plano provides a template for drilling holes for new supports.  

Here's how things look after adding the new supports from Plano.

Next I shaped the new walk and used canopy glue to add the new walk.  I used an old door stop as weight.

Haven't made up my mind yet on replacing the ladders.  I'm thinking of just using some black paint to make them look a little thinner.  Otherwise it's drilling a bunch of holes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TEM1 / TE10M CCCP HO russian model ( scale:1/87) Русский тепловоз

REE Modeles Product Review New HO French PLM Class 231 Pacific

My wife wouldn't be keen on the smoke in the house but it's otherwise a perfect model and on my wish list.

 ....and more on REE Coaches also available at Reynaud's.