Saturday, July 23, 2016

بوستر أعلاني عن سكك حديد العراق A poster as ad on Iraqi Railway Network

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Schalchia shops, Iraq, March of 2008

Schalchia shops, Iraq, March of 2008.. a great place if you were into heavy Ukrainian Lugansk Diesl Works locomotives and a Bryansk Russian TEM. A friend took these... I was back in the IZ at my desk.'s Big Blow Turbines

Lombard Hobbies is Chicagoland's exclusive distributer for Scale Trains and Jeff the owner is saying there's only a short time left to get your reservation in for the new UP GTEL Turbine.

This is going to be a fantastic model. Don't wait.

Plano Products Roof Walks added to an Accurail Hopper - part 1

Last weekend I started adding Plano Product's Roof Walks to one of my Accurail Hoppers.  The plastic is soft and I didn't find removing the original walk much of a problem  Plano provides a template for drilling holes for new supports.  

Here's how things look after adding the new supports from Plano.

Next I shaped the new walk and used canopy glue to add the new walk.  I used an old door stop as weight.

Haven't made up my mind yet on replacing the ladders.  I'm thinking of just using some black paint to make them look a little thinner.  Otherwise it's drilling a bunch of holes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TEM1 / TE10M CCCP HO russian model ( scale:1/87) Русский тепловоз

REE Modeles Product Review New HO French PLM Class 231 Pacific

My wife wouldn't be keen on the smoke in the house but it's otherwise a perfect model and on my wish list.

 ....and more on REE Coaches also available at Reynaud's.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nearly realistic model train layout from France

Pretty impressive...what else can I say.  Go watch