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A letter from Margaret J. Ters, Editorial Secretary, Model Railroader magazine

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A letter from Margaret J. Ters at Model Railroader dated April 4, 1967 in response to a question I wrote MR regarding career opportunities in the Model Railroading field. My parents so impressed by her response they sealed the letter in plastic with card stock backing. It hangs in my office today. Here's what Ms. Ters wrote back:

April 4, 1967

Mr. Bill Baar
1047 S. Clinton
Oak Park, Ill 60304

Yours is an interesting question, Bill...
for a fellow
your age.

As far as I know, the fellows working here were never exactly groomed for careers in the model railroading field. The Art Department became skilled in their line of work, and those with a special desire to work with railroad art found just what they wanted here.

The editors, of course, were skilled in the handling of words, and they could have succeeded anywhere. It happens, however, that some of them are more interested in railroading, and thoroughly enjoy their jobs. The man who succeeds in doing the work he would rather do than anything else is lucky indeed. So many people work at jobs which either bring good salaries, jobs which may be convenient to their homes, or jobs which they may hold for any number of reasons other than that they really enjoy them.

If you think you may have an aptitude toward writing, you might wish to do an article some day on your own railroad pike. If you are lucky enough to have it published, you might be on the way to becoming a "career model railroader", creating a job for yourself in that field --or if you have money-- you might want to start a hobby shop some day.

This all sounds like dreams stuff, Bill, but hope it does some good.

Margaret J. Ters
Editorial Secretary
So when a a 13 year old kid asks you a big question, consider your response as it will hang in their office for the next 40 years. Ms. Ters gave a thoughtful, wise, and kind response to me. God bless her.

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